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Review for Sonos

Jeffrey Farquhar
2021-07-23 10:18:49

Firstly I’m NOT going to slate Sonos

Firstly I’m NOT going to slate Sonos, my reason for saying this is simple, it’s Fantastic Sound Quality !!!!! But it’s pricey. The App is simple to understand and it works great if you the account holder (simple and easy). The PROBLEM is there Customer Services !!!!!! ALERT !! So my concern is simple …. I have the Complete Sonos Kit (pricey) however the SUB which costs £700 and is a brilliant piece of kit, however it’s badly designed if you have young kids, as there is ZERO protection for the speaker’s as the little humans have easy access to damage those really expensive speakers !!!!!!!! So I’ve called Sonos, spoke to Stephanie to advise BUT I don’t think she was very interested !!!!!!! Sonos you have far to many Negative reviews, change the perception of your users, your product is good, sort your act out.02/08 - to date no response from Sonos ????? Your arrogance is showing !!!!! So your loose a star !!!Sonos contacted - Thanks

Jeremy Rickman
2016-10-18 18:54:09

Great sound Great service

We've had a Play 3 for three years. Fantastic system. Sometimes annoys me because it can't find my music library on my Mac but I have always been able to sort it out. Now the great bit - the Play 3 packed up yesterday. No power. Called Customer Service expecting an 'out of warranty' brick wall. 2 minutes later a new unit was on it's way to me in exchange for my dead one plus £80 which is a hell of a lot better than buying a new one. Thanks Sonos - a surprising upside.

James Kirkby
2020-04-26 11:17:13

Speakers are decent, app is good (For now).

Speakers are decent. Their interface and app was at time of purchase rubbish. So slow, laggy and poorly laid out. Hard to navigate. Alexa was better. Edit* app has since been updated and works much better! Great product currently.

DJ Jim
2020-03-10 02:18:55

I LOVE Sonos Speakers!

Expensive gear but totally worth it!  I have been planning my whole house Hi Fi audio system for over 5 years with a high end receiver, in-ceiling speakers, subs and all the wiring hidden behind the walls in my 2200sf home. I have been saving up after getting an estimate for $15-20K to complete the project. But THEN, I got a SONOS One (gen 2) and everything changed. The addition of Alexa paired with Spotify (or any music service) and now I have instant voice access to any song, album or group I want to hear. The flexibility to put a speaker anywhere with an outlet is a game changer for me.The Wi Fi setup makes in-wall wiring of the house and custom speaker installs unnecessary.I expanded my Sonos setup pretty quick in the first month with 2 - Sonos Ones (G2) and a pair of Play 1s for just over $500. After 2 weeks of listening I decided to go all in and invest in a Sonos system. 4 months later, I now have 12 Sonos speakers, a Sonos Sub and boost. The money, time and effort I saved is amazing. For a total investment of $2800, I have immersive music that plays seamlessly throughout the house. I am an extremely happy customer!  ***I bought my 1st Sonos product in Nov 2019 so the 'legacy products being unsupported in future' is not an issue for me.

Bart Barton
2021-11-30 12:58:52

Confirming the terrible performance of…

I updated my review from 1 star to 4 stars as I’ve located the reason for the terrible performance of the app and solved the problem. The problem was a VPN running, turn that off and the Sonos App works ok again.

Jonathan Smith
2018-11-30 21:18:10

Sonos is music to our ears!

So many poor reviews BUT all good for us...YES - works and sounds greatYES - moved house and had to reset on new wifi. Used Ethernet and took 5 min all greatYES - works with AlexaYES - works with Amazon music and other apps

E. Camilo
2017-09-05 10:51:50

Couldn't ask for a more complete and …

Couldn't ask for a more complete and great product. Super simple installation, configuration and usage. For a LOONG time I was looking for something like this.

Jason Woods
2020-09-29 10:06:12

Revised to 4 star from 1 star after wifi mesh upgrade

FOUR STAR REVIEW:I have revised my one star review from September 2019 to four stars! What changed? I upgraded my perfectly adequate (BT) single wifi router to a mesh wifi network (still BT), and since that the Sonos has performed perfectly, absolutely no dropout or connection problems at all.So why not five stars? Well the problems I experienced for a long time beforehand marred the experience, and nowhere does it say the wifi could be at fault (noting I had not experienced any problems with the wifi with any other devices as a tech-savvy household paying for, allegedly, good connectivity and high download/upload speeds).ORIGINAL ONE STAR REVIEW FROM SEPTEMBER 2019: Constant connectivity issues, devices drop out whilst playing, now have a new wireless router and it just will not connect. Will have to use with one device hardwired into the router. Expensive set up (Play 5, sub, soundbar, 2x Play 1), great sound but terrible connectivity. Seriously considering selling the lot. Have been having problems since I bought it 4 years ago. Do not waste your money.

Timothy Bell
2020-01-25 10:51:51

Brilliant product, CEO hard of hearing

Brilliant product, CEO hard of hearingThis is a five star review for two reasons: first, the system is truly excellent in terms of what it does, and with reasonable sound quality; secondly, amongst the sea of one star and emotive reviews, prompted by recent communications, I want to remain objective. But to be clear, I am critical of the communication from Sonos this week, and question whether the company will survive for long. The corporate email from Sonos on Tuesday 21 January informed me that I had 15 items that were going to be obsolete as of May: 9 Connect Amps, 2 Connnect/ZP90s, 2 Play 5s and 2 Bridges. Taking account of the 30% discount, the replacement cost is £5,169. Of course the specification and functionality is going to be improved, but I am happy with the performance today. We all know that electrical equipment has a limited shelf life, but I would not expect to have to replace an entire music system in such a short space of time. Following the backlash from Tuesday’s communication, we received a more personalised email from Patrick Spence, CEO, today, (25 January), informing us that “all Sonos products will continue to work past May”. He acknowledges that they got this wrong, mea culpa and all that. I would argue that Mr. Spence is paid a salary of $2,353,750 not to make such missteps, rather to have an acute sensitivity as to what his audience wants and to steer the company in the right direction. He has misread his audience. For the most part, I suspect, we are music lovers and are not so interested in the latest tech. Of the more recent updates, I would be surprised if many Sonos users have any idea as to what they achieve. If they are critical and achieve something noteworthy, then Sonos should make this clear. The Sonos situation is comparable to BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion. Mr Spence will know all about BlackBerry as he worked there for 14 years until 2012, his last role being SVP, Managing Director, Global Sales & Regional Marketing (according to his LinkedIn). Those of us in the corporate world will remember the sequence of Palm (the Palm Pilot), BlackBerry, and then iPhone/Android. There was a strong element of first-mover advantage and little competition in the earlier years. But Palm and BlackBerry did not react, or maybe could not react, to changing consumer demand, with BlackBerry now a mere shadow of its former self. Mr. Spence should be worried that the same fate awaits Sonos, and they have just taken a major step in that direction. The reason why Sonos should survive is precisely the opposite to the Palm and BlackBerry experience; rather than wanting to upgrade to the latest handset, in the case of Sonos we want to retain the legacy hardware and continue to build out our systems around it. If we are then told that our legacy hardware is in fact obsolete, the very reason why we would otherwise remain loyal to Sonos brand is gone, at a stroke. Hence the communication we have all received this week is potentially catastrophic for the company. But it need not be, and here is my wish-list as an avid Sonos user as to how Mr. Spence can put this right, as I want to retain my Sonos system: (1) make sure that you clearly demonstrate to us how you are doing everything you can to give the “legacy” hardware the longest possible life-span, so that we are encouraged to purchase new equipment to complement it; (2) in any such communication, bring out the excellent work that Sonos is doing on carbon neutrality, as electrical waste is a major issue (note that Sonos has been carbon neutral since 2018 through purchase of renewable energy credits, or “RECs”); (3) think about the future design of your products, and whether it may be possible to achieve a more modular approach through being able to upgrade the relevant processing hardware without having to replace the amplification and other parts that have a much longer life-span, thereby offering consumers a cheaper route to upgrading their Sonos systems; and (4) be proud that 92% of the products that you have ever shipped are still in use today. Create a mission and make a target to see how high you can keep that number over time, as part of your ESG plan. If you get the above right, I will continue to purchase Sonos equipment. If you do not, I would rather spend my £5,169 with another firm. I stand by my 5 Star review because Sonos is excellent today, and the real test is whether I can give a 5 Star review in 12 months’ time. That may be just how long the firm has in order to turn the situation around. Wishing the Sonos team the best of luck in the task ahead.

2018-01-06 17:11:22



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Does Sonos have a student discount?

Yes. Student discounts are a one of the benefits that Sonos especially offers to the students at school. Through student discounts, you can save ﷼17 on average. Is there any reason not to view the Sonos related discounts on No! Just go to visit right now and enjoy the extra Sonos Promo Code for your purchase!

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