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Review for Lume Deodorant

Cristina C.
2022-01-18 18:19:17

Love The Soap!

I love this product! It is wonderful for my sensitive skin, especially the soap! The scents are great, my fave is Sweet Lily. Not an antiperspirant, but never claims to be... Works great all the places that I use it.

2022-01-02 22:07:37

I ordered Lume because I sweat a lot & bacteria stinks!

I ordered Lume because I sweat a lot & even though I shower every day & use deodorant every day, under my breasts & the folds at my genital area would smell from bacteria ( I have large breasts & am overweight, go figure ). I saw the commercial for Lume & decided to give it a go. Who knew it would work for me??! I understand that it doesn't work for everybody that's tried it but it does for me. The only drawback is that they don't smell like the scents it says it is on the tube. But the comment that one person made was that the 'scent' disappeared after about 5-10 minutes so it's not something that should be used if you want a scent: it's designed to leave NO scent! And as I say, I have found it works 100% for me. Buy the small tubes to see what/if it works for you. I like the silver spruce the best & will be ordering more when I have used what I have.

2021-12-17 01:32:44

Love Lume! Just try it!

I sweat easily, and absolutely LOVE Lume deodorant. It works beautifully, scented or unscented. I wouldn't say it works 72 hours, but 24 for sure, MAYBE 48. But especially if you're showering every day that doesn't matter. The fact that it is natural means that the scent isn't overpoweringly chemical, which is what we're used to with brands like Dove. This may explain some of the bad reviews. But it makes sense to me that deodorant has the primary role of PREVENTING body odor. if you want to smell really good wear scented body lotion or perfume as well. There are natural ones that smell amazing. Also, Lume makes it clear that because they're not using aluminum, you still sweat, since your pores aren't being blocked. However, I noticed it still reduces sweating a lot, and I don't smell bad at all, even at the end of a hot day in the south.As for burning, I noticed that the scented ones do sting a tad bit RIGHT after shaving. This doesn't scare me because... put lemon extract on your freshly shaved pits at it will sting. I'm assuming it's the natural extracts or salts in there that cause the stinging, and it's very light. It lasts like 10 seconds so I don't really care. It's a very small price to pay for something natural instead of toxic chemicals.Last but not least, Lume has AMAZING customer service! I have contacted them twice. They will respond fast and refund you in full if you aren't satisfied with their product. I was recently told by my doctor that I had a fruit extract allergy. I had to replace all of my beauty products, and Lume was great with replacing the deodorant they had just sent me.

Jon Swalby
2021-12-16 00:06:04

I would have given Lume 5 stars if not…

I would have given Lume 5 stars if not for it's aroma. Clean Tangerine has a slight tangerine smell, but mostly it smells sort of like clay to me. I've found that using it sparingly helps to keep it's own aroma at bay. For instance, I don't need to swipe the entire 3 dollop portion on my pits. A smallish dab on a finger works fine. I may stick with my usual deodorant for my pits if, for nothing else, to keep Lume's aroma less invasive. They really need to work on that.As to it's working 'down there', which was my main reason for trying it, it's excellent. Used as suggested, a dab around the base of Mr. Happy, a dab on each side between thigh and scrotum, a dap on the 'taint and up the butt crack. I generally give 'the boys' a small touch too. Soaps weren't getting it for me 'down there. After a day of perspiring 'boys' and butt crack, there was that not so fresh aroma aka stink again. Lume is keeping all of that below the belt line 'unfriendliness' under control. When you have to ask yourself if you feel fresh enough to join someone in bed, you have an issue. Lume gives some confidence.

Yee Haw
2021-12-11 09:56:50

Decent, but not for everyone

The product is decent, smells weird only till it dries, and gets the job done fairly well. It can and does give some people skin irritation/rashes. I see it as no different than most skincare products which risk that anyway.

Barbara Curry
2021-11-13 19:06:42

My order arrived fairly quickly by…

My order arrived fairly quickly by postal service. The tangerine has an odd and strong smell that is far from pleasant. The smell does last a long time but I'm hesitant to use it, if I'm going out, for fear that others may smell it. I don't plan to buy any more due to the almost "foul" smell. I wish I could give a more encouraging review.

Cristina J
2021-10-11 07:49:40

Why are people so upset about Lume

Why are people so upset about Lume? You'd think they caused WWIII or something. Here's my experience with Lume - Their product does what it says it does, YES. I tried the BUTT test with soap and then with Lume, I noticed that BUTT stink (from working out ALL the time) is not there, nice. I tried their deodorant and though I literally did NOT test for 72 hours I can say I worked out for at least 2 hours then ran errands for like 5 hours and I never smelled... in fact I tried really hard to smell under arm funk and I just didn't. The only pet peeve I do have with Lume is their ideas of Coconut Crush or Lemon Lime scent does NOT smell anything like the natural thing... So, I mixed the two deodorants after reading on Lume's reviews on their website (not here), that it smelled better if you mix the two. So whoever suggested it, God Bless you, because when I mixed the two deodorants it was refreshingly better - albeit still did not smell like Coconut OR Lime but it just smelled better and nicer. Sooo Lume, if you read this try to make a Lime/Coconut mix would ya...??!!Yes, Lume is more expensive than regular soaps. If you can't afford Lume there are cheaper options. But I don't know if they are as good as Lume based on clinical trials. Don't get me lying... I have no clue.I also have KP on my arms and I noticed when I used Lume my KP got visually better. Disclaimer: I also have no idea if it's the PH level in Lume or the moisturizing I do after I shower or combo of both but yes, it's starting to clear up. I ALSO use a sulphur/salicylic acid soap I read about so between "the method", I notice my KP is doing better. I knocked off 1 star because of the scent and also the price, but I don't have ANY issues with this company and I am not going to complain about every little imperfect thing. Aint nobody got time for all that.

Faith Knight
2021-09-25 16:07:49

If you are looking for a deodorant

If you are looking for an antiperspirant this is not one. This is deodorant. There is a difference. They claim it lasts 72 hours. For me it doesn’t. But it does get me through my day. At about the 24 hour mark I need a shower. Their scents are not the greatest. Sweet Lily an warm vanilla are okay. Overall it is average for me. But much better than Native for me. Advice to those wanting to try it. Buy the sampler to try it.

2021-09-14 04:50:42


ABSOLUTELY WORKS AND IS WORTH IT!I guess it depends on the person tbh because it does exactly what it said it would, while I’ve been using it…I was referred this by my sister whom have been using it for a good while, maybe 2mths or so. She kept stressing to me that it really works, that they’ll be no stenches even after sweating !I got it for my private, not much my armpits or anything but it does work for that as well. So my rundown is—I was very skeptical at first even tho my sister kept stressing to me how much it worked, I just usually don’t trust anything because most things lie. But after testing her ( (checking her armpits) which she said she got it for) ), I noticed she literally didn’t smell like anything. Absolutely nothing. So when I decided to bite the bullet and purchase my own, I tested on little closed areas, like the back of my first thought was I hated the smell of the deodorant, I bought “sweet lily” but the one my sister had “warm vanilla” smelled worse than mine. So that alone was good enough for me. Anyway after applying it, it'll smell bad AT FIRST, but the smell fades away after maybe 10mins to an hour (again, depending on the person) and as you continue to use it you’ll get used to the smell. So after using it for back of my ears as a tester, it literally didn’t smell like anything throughout the whole day. Then i moved on to my armpits, same results. Needless to say I was sold on the deodorant and I used it for my private (which was my initial reason for purchase) and IT WORKS! Reminder: All of these results were after sweating and moving throughout the day, no stenches. It works. Will continue to use it, lol I’ll actually pile up on the deodorant. I’ve never came across a deodorant that stops odor FR, even after sweating ..NEVER! After appliance, I am literally always checking myself throughout the day to see if it’ll be a flaw and the odor comes back (because I’m in that much shock it works) but it doesn’t, it’s practically nonexistent. I am so grateful for this, words cannot describe it enough. I hope they never change a single thing about the deodorant, because I see me being a permanent user !

FAQ for Lume Deodorant

Does Lume Deodorant have a student discount?

Yes. For high school students and college students, Lume Deodorant understands that their desire to spend, but they can’t enjoy a stress-free shopping experience because of the cost of living is currently provided by their parents. Therefore Lume Deodorant gives this group special discounts.

Does Lume Deodorant have a discount for new customer?

Yes. Lume Deodorant does have its new customer discounts throughout the year. The first purchase of Lume Deodorant products must not miss this offer! In addition to the exclusive Lume Deodorant first order discount, there are other Lume Deodorant Coupon waiting for you to discover on

Do I need to sign up for emails at Lume Deodorant?

Yes, you need. If you have registered an email address in, you can learn more comprehensive information as well as get extra Promo Code of Lume Deodorant. You can become a member by registering your email through Of course, you can cancel Lume Deodorant subscription at any time.

Why is my Lume Deodorant promo code not working?

For each Lume Deodorant Promo Code, a use of date is set, and each promotional code can only be used with a limited number of times. If it is not available, please check Lume Deodorant Coupon Code whether it is invalid or has been used. If you confirm that none of the above conditions have occurred, you can check the Lume Deodorant Coupon usage rules, sometimes duplicate products cannot be used at the same time.

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