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Review for Instacart

Amy Porter
2022-02-06 12:51:11

Tip or get off the App

After reading through a few pages of these reviews, I had to write one myself, since there is no way to reply to some of the absolute insane comments. First , if you're going to write on a public website and complain about the company or the shopper, start with proof reading. No one can take issue calling someone incompetent when you can't even use proper grammar or spelling. You're an idiot! NEXT...I challenge anyone who complains about a shopper stealing or being slow to get your order, sign up and do this job as a shopper for just 1 day...just 1 day, and you will understand and realize that your accusations are so far from the truth. Shoppers have no way of knowing anything about your payment method, it's all done with the app. Also know, they are NOT EMPLOYEES of Instacart, and cannot be fired. Try as you may to get someone fired, you can't. The shoppers are independent contractors and have an easier chance of firing YOU the client, then you have at getting them fired. Why is that? Shoppers can report a customer, and you'll pay whether you get your or not. It may take awhile, but I say, you deserve it. There are about 4 shoppers for every 40 orders on the app, so be THANKFUL when you get someone who accepts, shops and delivers your order. Why should you be thankful? There was a line of people waiting in line, and you were chosen, so shut up and be patient. Don't like to wait? Here's a thought...GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO BUY YOUR OWN GROCERIES! Sick , lazy, don't like to shop...guess what? As a shopper, I don't care what your reason chose the app to do the work for you, so don't think you have any sort of right to call the shots. You want things perfect? Do them yourself then if the shopper isn't perfect enough for your standards. Don't like that the item you ordered isn't it stock? How is that InstaCart's problem? or even the shopper's problem? It's the store's issue, and out of the control of anyone else but the store. You aren't the only person who likes their Silk "milk" UNsweetened. Get over yourself, and your weird choices/ especially the vegans out there. You're not eating food, you're eating fake crap made from lab produced product and you think you're being healthy. I laugh at the orders people make sometime, and intentionally leave it off the order and said it's out, just to mess with people. Why? Because you have no clue how hard it is to locate that so called "food" in a grocery store. Go shop yourself and try to find it. It's easy to put a word in a search engine and press a button to find something. Now, go to the actual store and try to find it.Finally and most importantly, tipping. When you place an order for someone else to drive to the store, shop it, bag it, and then deliver it to your door, don't for 1 minute think that leaving anything LESS than 15% of the total amount of the bill. Not only is it pathetic and insulting, it will cause for a terrible outcome for you. Either you'll wait for days for the order, because we see how you're tipping and ignore it. I read these reviews and people complain how it takes days to get their groceries...and I laugh. It's because your tip of $2 to shop for 100 items is going to get you NOTHING. When you want to earn $2 for working for 2 hours, then you can, go for it. I'm not!Instacart pays a flat rate to shoppers, whether they're shopping 1 order or 3, so tips are of extreme importance. You don't think spending an hour walking a grocery store is worth more than $2 then you're not worthy of any type of service.Instacart isn't perfect, and I'm sure some of the situations are legit, but if you don't pay attention to the advice in this message, then stop complaining

2021-11-25 16:32:50

Missing items

First time customer.9 items in total.Simple right???Missing milk.How difficult was it ?

D Starks
2021-11-06 14:16:10

Fast & convenient but Beware of higher Price

Fast & convenient but be prepared to pay more per item. 30cents or more is added to the price vs picking it up yourself. For ex: an item I saw was 2.99 in store, used Instacart the next day & they charged 3.29 for same item; same as for toothpaste, etc. Cost increase varies per item. They say Free Delivery but I knew they had 2b making it up somewhere. They hv already discreetly added it in the cost per item if you haven’t paid attention & still charge tax; it’s like being taxed twice. Even consumer report warned of this higher price scheme. Overall good service if u don’t mind paying extra. Just FYI

Gustavo Rojas pulido
2021-11-05 20:45:27

Excellent company

Excellent company , during the pandemic it was of great help. In reality the fees are perfect for what they do. I didn’t have to drive , i didn’t have to wait in long lines . Thank you instacart .

2021-11-04 13:41:38

Groceries were delivered perfectly but…

Groceries were delivered perfectly but the prices are inflated on instacart. When I went into publix to return a few items, the prices were more than a $1 higher than in the store. Only use if you're disabled and really cannot make it to the store. I was just being lazy.

2021-11-04 00:02:19

Instacart charging around 30% more than…

Instacart charging around 30% more than actual store price. Plus monthly charges, service fee and tips. It was also confirmed by their support agent indirectly. So, it is up to you/us. Whether to use their services or not.

Lindsay Crawford
2021-10-19 23:43:50

Good and bad

The guy, John, who delivered was excellent, but the whole thing was that I ordered liquor from Meijer, and they sent him to one that didn't carry liquor! He went to another totally out of his way so they need to get their stuff together!

2021-10-16 22:07:41

I've ordered thru them a few times the…

I've ordered thru them a few times the first couple all good a few of them a waiting game , but today was the breaking deal for me I place my order at 8 am and did not get my groceries till 2pm after getting a hold of them 3 times and I kept getting the same message and 5 dollars off my next ,they can have the 5 bucks deleted my info and deleted app Done !!

Denise Smith
2021-10-15 17:41:08

50/50.. 1W-1L.. no tiebreaker!!

Looks like I may be the only person that has something positive to say.. lol. Actually they are 1W-1L.. first experience the wrong card was charged.. $60.00 mistake.. my mistake though!! Put card in wrong or something but was clearly on me.. without hesitation I was instantly refunded the cash and the groceries were free..I was surprisingly pleased! The second experience was not like the first.. the shopper from HELL was in charge of my order. He replaced things without consent and he was truly lacking common sense. I ordered breakfast bread (raisin/apple) and he chose a second loaf of whole wheat which was already on the list.. ordered 1/2 gallon of skim.. got gallon of 2%.. charged for it too. Upon arrival he hands me this heavy order in this weak cardboard"box" and had me carry it while he grabbed the rest of my items off the floor of his car! LOL.. my sciatica hasn't been the same!! Thinking about a different service for sure!!

Rudy Pitts
2021-10-03 14:39:31

Best Shopping Experience!

Keisha did an outstanding job delivering groceries. I order groceries using Instacart weekly and must say that this was the best shopping experience thus far. Keisha has great communication skills, she informed me of items that were not in stock through the app, also went the extra mile and to ask individuals that worked in the store if missing items were available but not on display. Her choices to replace missing items were exactly what I would have chosen. I only wish all of my Instacart experiences were like this. Perhaps the company (Instacart) can use the information from their reviews to improve their services, there surely are enough on this site (if they care to read them).

2021-10-02 23:04:45

They're Okay

Sometimes it has been necessary to pay a high price for groceries than to take kids out shopping during a pandemic. So, Instacart definitely serves their purpose when safety is an issue for me.I've experienced many crazy mistakes that shoppers have made, like replacing items with horrible replacements after I've indicated I prefer refunds on missing items. But contacting Instacart customer service has always resulted in fast resolution. They make it very difficult to contact them by phone. But once they're contacted, they are helpful.Pretty pricey but convenient.

Andrew Ihab
2021-10-01 08:12:52

Instacart is a great overall experience. I would say best but batch underpaying ….

(Shopper):The two issues I have with instacart is the 1-very underpaying batches. 40+ items 72 units for 8$ + no tip are batches i as a shopper would never put hard effort in finding all items in it. It I can’t find it once I won’t try again. 2-The customers who take your whole tip off cause you found and delivered 63 items and MISSED ONE POTATO. A Shopper last concern is what a cocky arrogant customer demands. Most of us get paid the batch either way even if you cancel it during shopping. Keep in mind that drivers are underpaid so your tip is what determines quality. You must understand that the shopper trying to fulfil your order has been doing this over and over over and over everyday many times. So they don’t have patience or time to deal with your demanding ass that’s why easiest option for no tip batches is refunding half of ur order. I started delivering and shopping with instacart about 3 weeks ago and customers that ignore chats from shoppers during shopping for replacements are the ones who rate this service 1star. I rarely refund items because store clerks are everywhere and I can just ask where something is. If an item is refunded to you, it’s most likely because it’s actually not in the store and you were too busy to chat about replacement for your ever so crucial item. Instacart shoppers do not work for you, if your order is extremely important to you then add a decent tip because some customers order back breaking orders and offer 0 tip. 0 tip means your shopper is very likely to say fk this item and refund it. Deal with the fact that stores sometimes really don’t have the item you looking for and it isn’t instacart’s fault nor is it the shoppers fault. Most of the time shoppers have absolutely no idea what the item you looking for is and when a customer is too busy to chat an adequate replacement they either refund or get a completely wrong item thinking they are doing the best they can and then carry all groceries bags and deliver them to your door only to get one star rating and tip removed because customer missing 1 potato.

Sandy DeTar
2021-09-23 14:42:04

I order from instacart weekly

I order from instacart at least once a week and it is hit and miss. One week everything is perfect, the next week I get a few of someone else's items and am missing a few of my own. Here are a few things I don't like:-The delivery timeframes they give you are never even close-They may or may not see your instructions under a specific item-They will message you that something is not available and then close chat and check out giving you no chance to reply-Never received a couple of my refunds, but not worth trying to get through to customer service, so now I just have them credit my instacart account 'instantly'-Sometimes food is not as temperature controlled as they advertiseIf I didn't hate grocery shopping and COVID, I would probably discontinue using Instacart.

Wendy Adams
2021-09-15 22:40:49

I’m giving ratings on customers!

I’m giving ratings on customers!! Y’all are cheap asses that obviously forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to shop. Driving to the store, parking, shopping for every item (If they don’t have what you want we have to take pictures of the shelves we have to contact you and ask you what your privilege little ass wants), Separating orders from you and somebody else order ( because instacart Likes to group people that don’t tip it with people that tip very well to force us to take orders), Standing in long lines to wait to get to the checkout counter,A lot of times bagging items ourselves due to lack of people wanting to work nowadays, Wiring all your old stuff into our cars, driving to your house no matter how many miles it is, unloading your groceries putting them on your front porch, dealing with app issues that are always happening whether it be wrong direction or the app shutting down. Before you complain go out with an Insta cart person see how much crap they have to go through for unappreciative jerks like yourself. Today I made $60 and I worked six hours in the rain. I’m not too happy. So just to inform you A 50 item order takes about an hour to shop because there’s always something missing. Then most the time it takes us 20 minutes to get to your house. On average my orders take me an hour and a half to do. $20 to go through all that crap is not worth it. Instacart is a great company With brilliant ideas. However it’s the customers that are screwing everything up by being entitled spoiled brats that expect everything for free. Do you want a better experience? Tip better!!!!Then your little slaves shopping for you might take better care of your orders and make for certain that he gets to your house.

Morris W Conway Jr
2021-09-13 19:13:56

Instacart Grocery Delivery Company very wonderful Delivery driver Nada Lacarriert Positive Feedback !

Good afternoon to everyone that work for the Instacart Grocery Delivery Company Customer Center. I do hope that all of yous are doing ok today at work ok smile. In ending I just want to tell all of yous that one of your very wonderful Staff members Delivery driver name Nada Lacarriert was so very very very Professional Helpful and very very Caring when she delivered some Groceries to my very very wonderful friends house and all of us say JOB WELL DONE ok smile. Last of all she has very very Excellent Communication Skills and yes also she knows and loves her job so very very much too ok smile. Finally before I end my Review I that all of us say that Driver Nada Lacarriert is always a very very very Positive Representative for the very wonderful Instacart Grocery Delivery Company that she works for day in and day out ok smile. Praise the Lord and God is Good Amen and to all of yous from all of us please have a very very Happy Monday day, night enjoy take care God Bless smile. Sincerely, Elizabeth Hafford Glen Hafford Morris W Conway Jr

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