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Review for Doordash

Joseph Curry
2021-08-02 18:07:11

Doordash Driver Response

So as a driver for door dash, all of these negative reviews are coming from people who aren't tipping. I know this because I read these reviews and there is a common theme. If you want your food quickly or at all, you need to tip. If you don't tip, you're not going to get your food. It's really that simple. What kind of customer expects a worker to pay out of their own pocket for gas money to deliver their food? A garbage human, I guess. Door dash pays around 3 bucks per delivery. If you live 7 miles away, no one is going to bring you your food for only $3 and yes, we see how much we're getting before we pick up the order. If you don't like that system, get up off your lazy as5 and go get your own food. No door dash driver is going to pay for gas out of their own pocket to bring you cheeseburgers. Or, don't tip and you won't get your food, lol. You all sound like a bunch of clowns. It can sit there all night, no driver cares about your order if it's not worth it for them monetarily to drive it to you. That shouldn't need to be explained but there you go. Want your food? Then pay. Or go get it yourself. From a driver's stand point however the money is actually better than you would think. On account of you get to pick and choose what orders you will take. However...I'm in ny. I average about 100 dollars every 4 hours. With that being said, I also have to put 20 dollars in my gas tank every 4 hours. The prob here is doordash does not allow you to pull out your earnings daily until you have worked for them for at least 14 days. This Is tricky because if you've chosen to deliver people's food, clearly life is not going well and you're prob broke without a disposable income. I don't know many people over 30 that say HEY! I have a great career and money in the bank so I'm going to deliver taco bell to drug addicts at 1am. If you're doing this, more than likely money is tight and furthermore no 1 tips cash. All of the tips are thru the app. So it's not like I can even use the tips for gas money while waiting to be paid. Soooo..I'm actually not able to work until I get my weekly pay as I literally can't afford to go to work... they should fix that. I haven't dashed in 3 days and I'm missing out on a lot of money cuz I literally don't have money to go make money.

Kimberly Kunkle
2021-02-14 02:38:17

Tony G

Tony G. delivered a no contact pizza with a smile on his face! This PaPa John's pizza was fresh out of the oven. I want to thank Tony G. for being prompt with delivery! It feels good to have some kindness around! Thanks again!

Kelly Cox
2021-03-27 00:38:01

Using doordash in Bristol Tennessee it…

Using doordash in Bristol Tennessee it has been great there has been a couple times my order has been wrong but either doordash or the restaurant did what they could to resolve my issues. The most recent was I didn't get part of my order they gave me the option of refund or doordash credit I took the credit for next time. Recommending to everyone I know who lives in bristol area.

2022-04-13 01:54:36

Doordash is the best compared to the…

Doordash is the best compared to the other food delivery systems!!!

Kris Knarr
2021-01-01 16:11:38

Let me start by saying I work for…

Let me start by saying I work for doordash. I see a ton of bad reviews bashing delivery drivers... well let me show you some things from our prospective. Some times it's the restaurants fault for the delay, many times I have had orders that took 15-30 minutes past the drop off time again restaurants fault. Missing or wrong food again restaurants fault we don't make the food or pack the food its handed to us sealed so we dont know what's inside we confirm the information we have with the restaurants and that's it and yes sometimes they are very busy and will tell you a bold face lie that everything is there, again restaurants fault. Another thing I see people complaining about drivers getting lost, we can only go by GPS so sometimes in a rural area or multiple apartment buildings it can be a problem. Or even the people who have no house number showing or there property is completely dark so what the driver is expected to be a psychic or have some kind of power vision? And let's not forget the cheap ones that don't tip, like you can order $50 dollars worth of food from a restaurant that's 30-45 minutes away but can't tip that's just ridiculous you need to take your lazy cheap a$$ and go get your own food. Dashers only make a few dollars per delivery, for most its away to make extra cash. I'm seeing people on here claim they have had so many bad experiences with doordash well why keep using them? Any normal person will be like ok last two times it was horrible so I'm done or three times, not oh I used doordash 15 times in the last month and everytime it was a bad experience, I call bs or you have other problems. Common sense people.

Norma Hill
2020-12-06 11:38:12

Another Point of View

No delivery company is perfect. They all have bad reviews. I suspect when the service and food are good people sit down and eat, and don't bother with reviews. That's why I'm writing this review. I utilized Doordash while living in a highrise with a slow elevator and recently after moving to a tucked away waterfront condo. No matter where I live, dashers (Doordash delivery staff) deliver right to my door without complaint. They follow my COVID instructions to knock and leave the food in front of my door. Dashers are not responsible for poor quality restaurant food. They have refunded the exact cost, as a future credit, for missing items. Plus, I was able to spesk with a live customer service representative. I will continue to support this company.

2021-01-02 22:48:59

Pretty Good Overall

I’ve generally had good experiences with Door Dash. I do have credit card benefits that reduce my fees, so that definitely makes it a better value.Also, I live in a small but busy city, which really increases options.

Marta Uszacki
2021-11-01 16:14:54

Greedy restaurant owners

What I find disturbing is the restaurants charge a delivery fee and tack on a service fee as well. Of course we are also charged a fee for the dasher. Example, my total order was $36.68 I was billed, Service Fee $5.09, Delivery Fee (for the restaurant) $2.99, $7.00 for the dasher. That is a total of $15.09 so, with tax, I paid $51.76. I don't have a problem tipping the dasher. However, I don't understand why the restaurants needs to change additional. If I picked up my order or ate in the restaurant those additional fees would not apply. If anything the restaurants are making out because unless it's some people wouldn't order. Especially, if another restaurant delivers for free and you just tip the driver.. Oh yeah and when the restaurant screws up the order they blame door dash.. unreal

CarmenLita Arias
2021-05-09 21:34:24

I love this app it’s very helpful…

I love this app it’s very helpful especially during this pandemic but i think it would be wonderful if you would give your dashers coupons or even a free meal once in a while.

Taja M
2021-03-25 19:52:19

Customer service has been good

Customer service has been good, but the multiple delivery is very bad. A driver can delivery more than one order, and if you're the unlucky one whose order was picked up first, it's going to be cold.

FAQ for Doordash

Does Doordash provide gift card?

Give a shipping gift with a Doordash gift card. The Doordash app connects your favorite people with the best nearby, including restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, pet supplies, and more. Choose from over 310,000 local and national restaurants and stores in 4,000 U.S. cities. Giving a delivery gift can make your loved ones have easier nights, happier days, and more time to enjoy the people and things they love. Typically, Doordash gift cards are priced at $25, $50, $100, $200, $500.

How about Doordash's free shipping?

Doordash offers free shipping on your first order. The courier will take your order and bring it to you, and within 45 minutes. Setting free shipping products is more secure for buyers, because you don't have to worry about buying not good enough products. Most buyers think that products with free shipping will have better product quality, which will improve the buyer's shopping experience. There will be a big improvement.

Does Doordash have a student discount?

Yes. At present Doordash offers student discounts to make currently enrolled students enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. If you meet the conditions, you can get Doordash Coupon Code that only students can acquire after you present relevant valid enrollment documents on

Does Doordash have a discount for new customer?

Yes. In order to increase the brand exposure, Doordash has specially formulated exclusive first-time discount for the new customers throughout the year. As long as you have never had a history of spending in Doordash, this offer can save you ﷼43 on average.

Do I need to sign up for emails at Doordash?

Yes, you need. If you don't want to miss every latest news about Doordash Coupon Code, or buy the new product of Doordash as soon as possible, then register as a member of Doordash. You can also obtain more Doordash Promo Code that are exclusive for members.

Why is my Doordash promo code not working?

Generally, the promotional code of Doordash is invalid because it does not meet the usage rules, has been used once, has expired, or is not case sensitive. Because sometimes the promotional code for Doordash requires you to enter it, the above situation may occur and it may become unusable.

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Doordash is an online food ordering platform with a very large user base and currently has operations in many countries and regions around the world. Doordash owns thousands of chain stores, including cuisines from all over the world, whether it is pasta, fried chicken burgers, Chinese cuisine, Japanese sushi, etc., customers can choose on the Doordash platform. Doordash pursues fresh, delicious and fast food. After each order is placed, the freshest food will be made by the merchant on the spot, and the food will be delivered by the delivery staff of Doordash as soon as possible after the order is placed, so that people can enjoy the most Delicious food at the best time. Doordash has tons of promotions and coupons so people can save even more money when ordering.

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